Sunday, 31 January 2016

Food Dudes

St. Saviour's NS are taking part in the Food Dudes Programme. All classes will be taking part in this exciting programme which provides children with the opportunities to taste new fruit and vegetables.

Operation Transformation

St. Saviour's N.S. have registered for operation transformation. As part of the programme, all classes are running laps on the playground after each break and taking part in different extra curricular activities for example Dance, GAA Football and Hurling, Rugby, Swimming.

In addition, we are taking part in the healthy lunchbox initiative. The following are some children in the junior room with healthy lunchboxes.

Healthy Recipes

One of the best ways to ensure you are eating healthy food is to prepare it yourself !

The following are some healthy recipes for you to try:

Cereal Killers!

Miss Evans and Mrs Lawson held a very interesting whole school assembly highlighting the hidden sugars in our food. Every classroom is going to make an effort to change our eating habits and make healthier choices.